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it if he comes back again game Irritating man. Oh that’s an insult! I made so much of effort to negotiate with the builder game is this how you treat me? game I’ll tell Piku didi game she’s practical and will dispose off your house game Ya fine game go ahead game I rang the bell for an hour game useless old man game wasted my time. game /. Its normal. How are you respected sir? Very serious.BP is normal. This is not a joke Piku. Please sit Greetings ma’am. That idiot, Nobendu, he again came last night to discuss the selling of Kolkata house game I will not sell that house. That old house is a pain! what? Pain! I have told you before game l will not sell CHAMPA KUNJ! game this year I will go to Kolkata!. I have decided.end of discussion! Fine then end this discussion Tell Nobendu not to come again game what’s there to get so affected game Affected? Of course I’ll be game I am an emotional man game If you were emotional game my sister would’ve been happy. Listen you Dutta sisters game I know your habit of blame game game and I Piku is also becoming like one of you. game what your Banerjis are like, well I also know that. That Moni Banerji“ . . your Aunt Piku game whole day she roams around in the house in just a flimsy night gown game that too without a Bra game ! Really Aunty?! Maa even you do the same. Hey game shut up game l Only do that when I am alone at home game ! Anyways game what’s the point in getting BP checked times in a day game whatever this Nobendu came and said and you started panicking? game these are all age related problems game what’s so abnormal in it game ? But game what if my BP shoots up? Everyone has some issue or the other in their lives game just for a day if you haven’t crapped, there isn’t any need for this drama! Nothing has happened to you; you are just simply going through menopause game even men go through menopause game Oh ignore what she’s saying game One minute game menopause game me? game no way game here take a look.he’s Asaako game he cycled even at the age of game died