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Cat Room Design 2 A mute female that travels a lot. But a guy will be coming around every now and then. Well, I’m thinking, “Well, there’s no Dorothy Ciner, “that’s just a cover. This guy is renting this place for whatever reason.” [Birds cooing] JONES: The next step was to go through the trash can in the alley behind the house. Every piece of trash was taken out, photographed, labeled, catalogued. JONES: It was an appointment receipt, and on that contained information that gave us a date and time in which some eyeglasses were to be picked up. CAZALAS: Now I’m thinking, “Who’s Robert Durst?” Still a bunch of question marks. I take the receipt to the eye clinic. Ask them if they know who Robert Durst is. The lady up front said, “Yeah, he was supposed to pick those glasses up on Friday.” I’m thinking, “Vegas wouldn’t touch these odds this guy’s going to show up.” But I said, “If he shows up, here’s my card. Here’s my pager number.” And I left. JONES: In the trash bags, we also found a price tag from Chalmers Hardware, which was two blocks away from where Morris Black lived. BENNETT: Among the things that were bought from Chalmers were a inch paring knife and drop cloths with the Chalmers tags on it. CAZALAS: Also bought at Chalmers was a bow saw. Lo and behold, my pager goes off. And I’m like game and I recognized that number. But I, I haven’t, in my mind I didn’t connect the dots yet. And then they had put in “.” I’m thinking, “Who is that?” Then, bam! “That’s the eye clinic.” I jump in my car and I’m coming up st Street. And he pulls out of the alleyway parking lot right in front of me, and pulls up to the red light, and I’m right behind him. [Siren wailing] CAZALAS: Our Motor Division pulls him over, and we detain him. JONES: I recall pulling up to that, and I walked up and glanced down through the back windshield. And the first thing I saw was a bow saw. Kind of got that grin. Saying, “Yeah, we got him.” [Camera shutter clicks] [Camera shutter clicks] BURROWS: Initial impressions when I saw him being brought in was like, “Really? This guy?