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and killing two of the best men I ever knew. Friends. I don’t give a shit what his name is. I don’t like him. I want him as bad as you do. This happened on my watch. You ed up, and I’m wearing it. I’ll find him. Again. You got one more shot. Nice to finally meet you, Barney. Your men are shot to shit. What are you gonna do for a team? Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it, Drummer. Relax. You’re gonna give yourself a stroke. What’s with these guys? You mind? Do you think when the artist painted this he ever thought it would go for such a ridiculous price? I mean, what is it? It’s just some paint, brushes, some cheap canvas. What’s the big deal? It’s shit. What do you want for it? Three million. Done. Done. You know, it’s very hard for me to say this, but at one time, you guys were the best. Maybe still are. But nothing lasts forever. Hard as it is to hear, we aren’t the future anymore. Unfortunately for us, we’re part of the past. You going somewhere with this? As I see it, if we keep this life up, the only way this thing ends, for all of us, is in a hole in the ground and no one giving a shit. Now, if that’s the way I’m supposed to go out, I can live with that. For me. But what I can’t live with, and won’t live with, is taking you with me. What’re you saying? That’s our call. I’m changing things now. You. Me. All of us. It’s over. We’re done. Done? You break me out to cut me loose? You’ll survive. You all will. Live your lives while you can. Where’re you goin’, Barney? You think you just pull the plug and that’s it? Just did. Yeah? Well, it doesn’t work that way! What? We’ve been through the mud, the shit, and the blood. And I’ve saved your ass more times than I can count. You owe me a shot at this son of a bitch that took Caesar down. We’re not doing that. When I joined, I joined for the whole ride. I know you did. Ride’s over. Bonaparte. Sorry to hear about Caesar. Hope he pulls through. He’s a good one. The good ones are rare. Yeah. Well, here we are again. What do you need? A new team. Retired the old ones. Welcome