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Circus Animals Escape Someone is here in Belgrade to game you, and its not me. I could tell you who it is, but game I want something in return. Okay. You tell me. I go into your debt. For old times sake. Arkady Federov. Hes gameing just about everyone who was close to him from your Good Old Days game Now my information is that hes going to try and game you. Me? Yeah. So whats his deal? Why does he want to have a clean slate now? Whats his game? Turn around. You should turn around just now. Chechnya. This ugly, dirty little Godforsaken country. Oil, however. Lots of it. Filthy Chechen terrorists didnt want to give it to us. So, one day a building game blew up. Good Russian soldiers with Mommies and Daddies back at home get sent back in peices. And just like that, Federov got his dirty little war. And Mother Russian got its oil. You dropped the building? Nah. Federov was smart enough to know that he couldnt handle an operation like that, keep it a secret. We ran it for you? All we did was sit back and watch everybody die. Would you like some water? Sorry about the treatment. If it makes a difference, I argued against it. You ran Peter Devereaux from . Until his retirement in . On April th of this year, you went to Lausanne under the name Sanders. And reactivated him. Show me your tits. Excuse me? I assume thats why Weinstein sent you, isnt it? It certainly isnt for your acumen. game you! You like being on top? Working your way up the ladder? I like the other guys better. Where the game are the other guys! This room is soundproof. You dont think I know that? I approved the use and design of this facility. I wrote the manual youre going by. I know how long until you switch operational procedure. You stupid twat. You may know the procedure, but then you also know that I have the right to vary the procedure, if I deem it neccessary. Based on the tenor of this conversation I am inclined to vary the procedure. You know what? I dont give a game about the people Ive gameed. If by some stroke of pure luck, you manage to game me, then I wont give a game about that, either.