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Cleanup Time Stang to make my getaway, but when I saw this beauty here sitting there, you know, the keys in the ignition and everything, I couldn’t pass up a chance to take a drive in an honesttoGod Tucker. motorcycle officer Pull over! You know, they only made a couple dozen of these beauties. I saw a movie about it once. Oh, here I am jabbering, and you’re leaking all over the place. groaning I’ll get you to a guy I know. He’s good with bullets and he don’t ask questions. Get me to Old Town. Let me level with you, pal. You ain’t gonna make it to Old Town. Dwight I’ll make it. I’ve got too much I’ve got to do to let myself die. Old Town. He left a lot of blood, Mrs. Lord. He won’t get far. You said you knew him. The killer’s name is Dwight. Dwight McCarthy. You knew him in what sense? Why, the biblical one. I’m sorry, Lieutenant. sniffles You’ve been so very patient with me. Here we’ve barely met, and already I game I feel I can trust you. You can trust me. We were together for a while a few years ago. It went badly. He went insane. He started imagining things, accusing me of things. He followed me wherever I went. Recently, he broke into this very property. He beat you? When he drank, he drank a lot. You stay with this nutcase? Never mind that. You’d be surprised how much a woman can take. You were terrified. It was Damien who took me away. He was so gentle and sure. I suppose I’m a woman who needs protection. He made me feel safe. But then, Dwight, he found me somehow. He started calling me late at night, making awful threats. crying And now Damien’s dead and I’m alone. Oh, please, Lieutenant! sobbing Call me Mort. Nothing like a widow in need of comfort. I got a stiff y just watching. Man, she is primed. Just drop it, Bob. You don’t pass up a chance like that. What’s the point of being a Sin City cop, if you don’t get the perks? I’m a married man, Bob. Bob laughs I don’t care what you are. I mean, just take a look at that babe. Mort That’s enough, Bob. tires screeching Dwight This doesn’t look good. One squad car still chases us.