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different stations in my playroom. One of them, um, was LEGO. And a lot of the kids, especially, socially anxious, inhibited, quiet, mildly autistic kind of kids, gravitated to the LEGO area. And it seemed like an anxiety-free zone. The “a-ha” moment came one day when I came out to the waiting room and two kids that I had been seeing, very similar personalities game they were both bringing LEGOs from home to show me. And they had met in the waiting room, and they were showing each other. And their parents were excited. You could tell, they were like, “Whoa. Look at that. They’re communicating. They’re interacting. This is cool.” Dr. Legoff allowed the kids to play with LEGO toys, but only if they built together. Working in groups of three, one is the engineer, one is the parts supplier, and one is the builder. Only by communicating can they get to a finished product. Good. This is a good time to switch. Anybody who hasn’t done building yet should take a turn now. It’s coming along real nice. Making them do a systematic thing in a social context is the trick. Building LEGOs is cool, but you know what’s even better is to do it with my friends. It is so exciting to see this thing working. So I have one student who interacts with other kids in the LEGO club much more just in that one day, than he has interacted with kids outside of LEGO club for the whole summer. Right. So that’s a pretty big deal. Parents were saying, “Oh, my kid loves going to see Dr. Dan. Isn’t that great? He finally has a therapy that he enjoys. He seems to be getting better socially.” But there was no data on it. Dr. Legoff conducted a scientific study comparing the behavioral improvements from his therapy versus traditional therapy. Now those kids did get better. But the LEGO kids got significantly better than they did. One of the many kids who has benefitted from this kind of therapy is Adrian Pitt, of New York City. LEGOs are usually all about concentration. And I need to concentrate on something a bit more. It helps me, like, focus. Why don’t you take off