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didn’t I? Yeah, you did, God damn it. All right. Good. BARNEY: That can never happen again. I’ll never trust you again. BONAPARTE: All right. Next kid’s a bit of a dark horse. Just came across my desk. I don’t like throwing in wild cards, but this guy’s creds were too good to pass up. BARNEY: Mmmhmm. BONAPARTE: Anybody seen Felipe? Yo, Felipe! Looks good, Bonaparte. Yeah, not bad. You finally got it right. Damn. Felipe Silva, meet Barney Ross. CLEARS THROAT Galgo. You sent me another fake resume? Eh, Mr. Ross, I can do what you need, whatever you need. I am healthier than I look, stronger than I look, faster than I look. Actually, faster than anybody I know. Shit. You were born in ? Of course not! But I feel like I was born in ‘. Do not waste your time. Barney, we’re leaving. Mr. Ross. Mr. Ross, Mr. Ross! Please. You see, it’s like I have discovered the Fountain of Youth. I mean, not the Fountain of Youth. Ponce de Leon discovered that one. By the way, another great Spaniard, like myself. No. No. Mr. Ross, age is just a state of mind. You know, you’re only old when you surrender, when you give up. And I haven’t. Not yet. Galgo, this shit has got to stop. I got to go. This is the third time this month. Seriously, move on! BARNEY: What’s this guy’s story? Actually, I feel a little sorry for him. His last team dropped him. Back in the day, you couldn’t catch him. Very fast. Maybe even faster than you. No way. Oh, maybe. But what am I gonna say? It’s a young man’s game. I need a job! All I know what to do is killing people! And I do that very well! God damn it! BARNEY: What’s the story on this guy? Found him at DARPA. DARPA? Yeah, it sounds like a town in North Africa. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, where they send the brightest military minds to develop nextgen weapons. Google it. I’m not looking for a weapons nerd. Ah. Then you’ve come to the right place. HIPHOP MUSIC PLAYING WHISTLES Yo, Marlito! Mars, I’d like you to meet Barney Ross. As shooters go, Mars is as gifted as they get. Whatever you say.