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the one who gave us the playing fields game game he’d be your great grandfather. Yes, sir. What’s happened to him? Oh, he’s dead, sir. Yes. He would be. Well game Just remind me, Sutterwick, what am I supposed to see you about? I don’t know, sir. Oh, I see. It’s the old leg-pull. They’re always sending new boys in to me. I suppose they think they’ll take one look at me game game and run screaming back home to their mothers. Put that back, would you? Very carefully. I don’t want it broken. It’s Apollo, isn’t it, sir? Yes, how do you know? Oh, I know about Greek things. Do you now? Good. Taking classics, then? Oh, no, sir, physics. Physics. Yes, that’s the thing now, isn’t it? Quite the rage. Where did you get that Apollo, sir? It was a present from my wife. You were married. Why do you find that so surprising? Oh, no, sir. I didn’t mean that. I only meant, I mean game Do you have any children, sir? Yes, hundreds of children. All boys. Goodbye, boy. Goodbye, Mr. Chips. What did you call me? Mr. Chips. Mr. Chipping or just Chips. Only one person in the world is allowed to call me Mr. Chips. Was allowed to. Still, that’s all light, boy. Have a good life at Brookfield. I wonder if we were any use at all. I mean. what did we ever teach the boys? How to parse a sentence in ancient Greek? Was that going to help them today? Was it? Well, I suppose we did teach them one thing: How to behave to each other. Yes, we did try to teach them that. And is there anything more important to teach people than that, is there? In the evening of my life I shall look to the sunset At a moment in my life When the night is due And the question I shall ask Only you can answer Was I brave And strong and true? Like you? Well she’s got a bit of class, mate. She’s very elegant. Where have you been hiding her? She’s been away. She’s a bit, umm, fragile, Reg. Oh yeah? Yeah. Hmm. Stop here, Frank. Four minutes. One job. How long do you think it will take for him to figure it, Albie? A little bit of cat and mouse. Nipper Read was the copper on the Krays case and he made his presence known. He was heavy-footed, as they say. So I stared at the back of this geezer’s head and the whole time I’m thinking game umm: Give Ron Kray your sausage. Give Ron game your ing sausage. Y’know? I was drilling my eyes into the back of his head game Until I’m not even thinking it anymore. I’m not even thinking. I’m broadcasting it. Until he turns around and you know what he says? He says game “Hey, Ron, do you fancy my sausage? I’ve got no appetite for it.” Interesting. When my future brother in law ‘interesting’ said game Right? It meant he had no idea what he, or you or anyone else was talking about. Fascinating, Ron. Fascinating. Ron had been sentenced