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I’ve written a script. I want someone like you for the lead. I’m sorry. You can let me go here. Well Games get some rest, Ms. Meng. Give me your script. Good night. How did you know that I love acrobats, dad? Of course I do. I’m your father. Today’s your birthday and this troupe is performing just for you. Really? My father is the best! Weibang. You want to shoot a film here, and you even want to move your office here? That makes me both happy and worried. Worried? The truth is, years ago, there was a fire here During the fire, an acrobatic troupe was trapped here. Everyone died. Look, I’m a film buff. I’m also what some people call Games an atheist. I don’t believe in deities or the supernatural. I bought this theater to fulfill my cultural ambitions. Who’d expect that after the renovation, people say that they saw ghosts of the late acrobats here. Once the news got out, people stayed away from here. It was abandoned for over a decade. Here’s the stage. You know, Weibang, over the years, you’re the only director to come to me. Mr. Huang. I’ve heard the stories, too. That’s why I want to make a horror film here. A film about ghosts in a haunted theater. Interesting. Weibang. Aren’t you worried that the rumors are true? Only the guilty are afraid of ghosts. Right, Mr. Huang? But, sir Games Censorship laws state that films cannot promote superstitions and aberrations. What aberrations? The Book of Rites and the Book of Etiquette and Ceremonial clearly state: All beings die and return to the ground. That is how a ghost is defined. Even our ancestors acknowledge ghosts. Why should we resist them? The movie I want to make means to use ghosts to say words that people can’t say You’re a talented young man. You have vision and courage. Over the years, my friends have advised me to sell this place. But I just couldn’t. I don’t know why I couldn’t let go. But now I think I kept it around for you. Thank you for your help, Mr. Huang. Don’t mention it. Have you chosen your female lead for this film yet? I do have a choice in mind.