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Coloring Pony Time Oh listen Red.. Go on.. scram. Come on fellahs. How you doing Ira? Oh.. coming along. Dang weeds grow as fast as you can pull them. That’s a direlooking layout if I ever saw one. Hey, you have to give them time to come up. No special hurry. What kind of flower you call that? That tired one there. That one? That’s a xenia. They’re all xenias. What’ll you take for that little old sleeping one? Nothing. I don’t want to sell any. Give you a dime for it. I’d rather keep them if you don’t mind, Bill. I’d just as soon wait until they come up a little stronger. Then you can have all you want. See you later Ira. You know if this keeps up Ira, the neighbors are going to be talking. Let them talk. The more time Flossy spends with me, the less time she’ll have to get into trouble. How about that dandelion wine you’re always brewing? The more of that dandelion wine Flossy drinks, the less gin she drinks. You got weird ideas on reform, ain’t you. What you trying to make a penknife out of a battleaxe for? Sounds kind of foolish to me. God chose the foolish things in the world that he might shame those that are wise. And He chose the weak things in the world that he might shame those that are strong. That’s in that bible you got me son. Corinthians, . . Wait.. I’ll show it to you. Quit that singing, will you. Why? What have you got to sing about? Can I help it if I feel good. What about? Everything. Everything. That’s Bill. You’re stuck on him, ain’t you? He’s been good to me, Bill has. Yeah.. he ain’t sick of you yet. But wait. The first thing that goes wrong, out.. out! You’re talking to someone what’s had dealings, kid.. dealings! Oh, maybe he won’t be that way with me. You don’t know your men, I can see that. You’ll find out. If Bill does get tired of me I.. I mean if he does.. Oh maybe he won’t. Suppose I get some dough? That’ll be never. Is that so? Say, I cut you in for fifty percent of that summons money, didn’t I? How’d you like to come in for fifty percent on another job? A job where your cut will be five grand instead of five bucks.