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Pony entertainment It’ll be a surprise, okay? Anything to eat? No, thank you. Would you like a decanter? Of course. You aren’t Czech, are you. You can tell? Where are you from? I won’t say. You’re Polish, right? Yes. Very good. How did you know? Your eyes. You have taste, Linda. Thanks. What do you think? Too bad. What’s too bad? That I’m happily married. Here’s to your success today. To you. To you, for rescuing me from that madhouse. How did you like the concert? Beautiful. Like casting pearls before swine. Before friends. Swine dressed as friends. I’m so happy we’re leaving Rome. Johana and I can’t wait to move. Been a long time. What? That you’ve been waiting. But we still have to wait a bit longer. Apropos, Jirka, the offer stands about living at our place. How so? Would you mind if Johana and I asked Vanda to be godmother? No more godfathers left, guys. You’re kidding? Johana’s pregnant again? I’ve known for three days. You must be happy. Incredibly. I’ve lost track; how many does that make? Here’s Game here’s to kids. And Johana? Is she okay? Johana is happy. But she was sorry to miss the concert: No one to watch the kids. We’re thinking about an au pair; I even talked to Ema about it. She’s excited. Roman, does Jirka seem tense to you? We know, Ivan. Know what? Jirka and I know about it. You have to help us. Gladly. How can I help? Johana told Vanda ages ago. What did Johana tell Vanda? Maybe she lied, but then she’d be crazy. Or silly rather. It’s true that Johana had a small crisis. That happens after childbirth, but it’s over. You’d tell us if something wasn’t right, wouldn’t you? Of course. Now, what not supposed to be right? What’s up with you two? What’s going on? Spit it out. Is something going on Game Is something going on? Something is going on. You’re making fools of us. Hold on. How long can you keep up this vile charade? Who do you think we are? Some dicks you can Game with? Calm down or I’m leaving. I’ve got the key. I don’t think you’re dicks. But you’re making us look like it. This is going nowhere. A simple question, a simple answer.