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to a space command post Gamma . God help us. We have an immediate with full priority. Of course, Lieutenant, priority it is. , that’s top secret. This really is trouble isn’t it? Here’s your code key and kill those newscasts. Yes, sir, Lieutenant. Prepare for code transmission. Commander Game and crew ready for takeoff. Prepare for arrival at fourteen hours. Commander Game and crew report to Pad for immediate launch to Gamma . Commander Game and crew report to Pad for immediate launch to Gamma . Ready Commander. May I have your ETA please? , program now positioned for immediate launch. Pulling cargo, three thousand tons. Flying Jet Channel A at thirtyfive thousand feet. Will recheck during flight. What are we supposed to be looking for? Has anyone told us that? No one knows. But we’re not picked up this deflector for nothing. I can’t figure it out. What do they think we’ll find out there? Flying saucers or what? Green and activated. All phases checked. Ready to launch. Deflector cargo and Game crew here. Read you. ETA figures check out. All systems go. Pleasant trip commander. Ready, pour it on. : A.M. Commander Rod Game , veteran spaceman returns to Gamma after picking up the deflector and orders for the most important mission of his career. There she is, good old Gamma . Read us Gamma? This is Gamma , we read your signal. Systems functioning? Check, check. Get set for light up. Ready and waiting. Switch all controls to station automatic. Switching out. Stand by for weight gain. Standing by. Do you read your cargo Commander? Cargo ball is on. You’re on our controls. Take it away. Start the check out in the decompression zone. Attention cargo personnel, attention cargo personnel. Unload red horse cargo on, on ramp two without going beyond the limits of your stations. Remain within station limits. I think I’ll go over to flight control and help them set up that deflector. Yes, the sooner the better. Right. Latest earth news bulletins to all space installations.