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You two got a lot in common. PANTING I could do that. LAUGHS PANTING You know what? I’m gonna come right out and say it. I belong on you. One, two game GRUNTING You can’t do that. No. I want a special rate on that one. Yeah, yeah, hazard pay. Always on the damn road going someplace you don’t give a damn about. Beats standing still. Yeah, I’ve got two exwives and three kids who’ve lost my number would disagree. Hey, did you turn off the autopilot? I didn’t touch the autopilot. Give me the booze. Are we off course? Where the hell are we? Here, hang on a second. SIGHS Is that game Is that the Big Dipper? Yeah, we gotta turn around. Wow. BONAPARTE: Next candidate is an expert at field craft and closequarters combat. UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING Luna. Hi. Ambitious young lady. Meet a friend of mine, Barney Ross. Barney Ross, Luna. Luna, Barney Ross. BARNEY: Hey, how’re you doin’? Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Ross. Gentlemen, follow me. I have your table waiting. Come on. Live a little. So, Luna, how are things? You know. Gets old. LAUGHING MAN: What you wanna do? You wanna go, bro? If you guys will excuse me. All right, so what are we doing here? Have a drink. Where’s the candidate? Right there in the red dress, about to chop those guys in half. The hostess? Not the hostess. She’s the bouncer. KNUCKLES CRACKING MEN GRUNTING I could do that. You wanna slip on a dress and give it a shot? LAUGHS Men. KNUCKLES CRACKING She’s good. You ought to see her without heels. When was your last checkup? I don’t know. A while back. High cholesterol, plaque, all that stuff? Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. Except with me they found a lump on my lung. Very dark, they said. Oh, no. I sure didn’t see that comin’. Well, what are you going to do? Try to make as much money as I can, fast as I can. Yeah. For those kids, you know. The ones I don’t talk to. Make some kind of good impression on ’em when I’m gone. Sad, isn’t it? Yeah, it is sad. I’m sorry. Ah, it’s all bullshit. I’m fine. What? Just checking you’re still human. CHUCKLES Had you going there, though,