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Wanna give it a try? What do you say? Yeah. All right, let’s do it. Here. GUN CLICKS BULLETS CLINK Now that’s a loaded weapon, all right? Safety’s still on. Okay. When you’re ready. GUN FIRES That’s all right. First one’s practice, come on. GUN CLICKS GUN FIRES Dang it. It’s okay, it’s not easy. Try again. GUN CLICKS All right, Danny. Just take your time, okay? Take your time. I want you to focus. GUN FIRES CAN CLATTERS Whoa-ho-ho! That’s my boy! LAUGHS Good job, buddy. Thanks. All right, let’s try again with your eyes open, okay? Okay! Dinner’s ready! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Danny! You never point your gun at another person ever. Safety, safety, safety. Good. Let’s go get something to eat. Okay. Come on, kiddo. What’s the matter? You know where I stand. Danny is who he is, he doesn’t need to change. Him getting bullied doesn’t make him weak or inferior. It’s the problem with the bully, not Danny. Laura, no one’s trying to change him, okay? But, I mean, he’s gotta learn how to stand up for himself