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Sweet Girl and Horse Ludvik, Johan, and the one coming: Are they your kids or not? Are they your real kids? Does it matter? Are they or not? They are my sons. By blood? Why is it so important? Is that a yes or a no? It doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t if Johana didn’t go telling secrets to the girls. I said we’d had a small crisis but it’s over now. Johana came back to her senses. She’s my wife, they’re my kids, it’s my family. They’re more important to me than anything else in the world. We don’t always have to understand everything. It’s enough to accept it. Okay then. It’s good to know the truth and to sing it out loud. But it’s better to know the truth and to sing about prunes. Chinese proverb Tilt it Game Smile more Game Come on, smile Game Look at me Game Tilt it more. Come on, do it! When are you due? In nine days, doctor. Kids? Hi. Hi, Ema. Hi, Johan. Aha, you have a block. Can I throw it? Oops, I knocked it down! Let’s build it again. Did Johana pay you? Yeah. When are you coming again? TEDD Y BEAR What about you? Me? I’m pregnant. That’s great.Do you still love him? I wanted to have his baby, A son, Eating at the gas stations will finish us off faster than the mafia, We’ll stay in the same hotel as Blacha? Iwona, I know, We’re making a film about a repentant mobster, About his breaking with evil, And that’s, what he’s supposed to think, After what Blacha had done, the mafia put a mln prize on his head, Police are watching him night and day, but I think that sooner or later, someone will kill him off, Of course, please wait. Good bye, One apartment, There are two of us, Conditions in the Admiral Suite are not embarrassing in any way, Really, strangers can sleep in there without feeling awkward, It’s okay with me, The lift on the left, fourth floor, Thank you, She’s quite hot, Do you remember, when we met for the first time? A few years ago? You were shooting a film about a serial killer and I was still studying, I would carry a camera for my professor, The one you got wasted with in the hotel, Your hair was shorter, You were very much in love, You kept calling your girlfriend, to ask her to take care of herself,