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I am an old bandit! I’ve been married twice! Shut your mug and get the hell out! A goliath! Shoot at the cable, guys! Get the PIAT ready. Miki, no way! Spider, the PIAT! The Warsaw men are nice guys! Spider! They’re coming! Grenade! Grenade! Ammo! Ammo! Grenade! Weapon! Ammo! Man, what’s the matter?! On the right! Ammo! There’s none left. Give me some weapon! We’ve none left! Damn it! Anything! There’s none left! Everyone to the right! Ewa, grenades! A cannon! Everybody get down! Ewa! We have to retreat! A Panther game Retreat! The last one. What are you wearing? Take that off! You wanna surrender? Why did you put it on? Go on! Shoot! What was all this for? Huh? I don’t want to die! Understand?! What’s going on here? Give the VIS back! Calm down, man! The VIS! There are two rounds left. Pull yourself together! Don’t you lose it, miss! Move it, move it! We’ve got to get through to the river! I’ll lead you out, I swear. I’ll lead you out, I swear, get up! Miki, get up! Get up! I’ll lead you out! Crybaby! Goral! I’ve left the helmet. Let’s go. Move forward. Go on! Krauts! Now just to reach the river! Let’s get to the river, please. Get up. Come on, get up! I’m sorry. For what? Sorry! Stop it! I’m sorry. Get up! She stayed at the hospital. Stefan, run! Hey, gentlemen! I’m here! You’re all invited to my birthday! I turned a few hours ago, seriously! I never thought this would be how I spend it! You’re such idiots! You can’t kill everybody, suckers, it’s just impossible. I feel sorry for you! The world will remember you for it, forever! Stefan, run! Why aren’t you hitting harder?! Long live freedom, you motherers! Hush, hush game What have we got here? All clear!