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Cool Horse Thinks it strains my eyes. Give me your glasses. Which cinema did you go to? The Ritz. What were you doing on Hampstead Heath yesterday? If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. Well, just try, will you? I I wanted to see where it happened. I had some idea I might stumble on something something I’d recognize and you wouldn’t. And did you? No. How about this? Why were you so anxious to get rid of this? I didn’t. L I I I never saw it before. I’m told it’s part of a child’s doll, a wooden doll. A leg possibly. Is that what you think it is? Oh, I don’t think it’s anything. JuJust a piece of wood I was doodling with. You admit picking it up then. Yes. You just said you didn’t. I I’d forgotten. Stop lying, Harris. You were seen pushing this down a drain. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know. You mean you won’t say. On your way home from the post office on Saturday night game was it then you met Sapphire? No. I never saw her. Was it then she told you about the baby? I tell you I never saw her! How long had you known she was colored? I didn’t care! I didn’t care! But you did care about your scholarship. It didn’t carry a grant for a wife, did it? If you married Sapphire, the scholarship was off. I loved her! I I tell you I loved Sapphire. Where were you when she was killed? Yes? Oh, excuse me, sir. Mr. David Harris’s father is here with a solicitor. Right. All right, Harris. You’d better go with him, Phil. Ralph Piggot. Piggot, North & Piggot. Finsbury Pavement. Mr. Harris asked me to come and look after his son. Can I see my client, please? He’s all yours. Tough monkey that father. Must have moved like the wind to get a lawyer around here. Yeah. There they go. Hmm. I wonder where he was on Saturday night. They’re getting into a taxi now. Going over to the Ritz to find a witness, I’ll bet. Hmm. That was a very human lie. Boy didn’t want to upset his father. Couldn’t own up later. He was in too deep. Where was he on Saturday night? Who? Old Harris. Oh, at the, uh, local social club. Did we check it? All right, don’t look so horrified.