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Go on, do it! Go on! It’s what he wants. It’s hard to fathom. I can’t believe you forgot. What? That it’s hard to beat an enemy when he’s living inside your own head. See, you tie me up like an animal, lead me to the slaughter. You humiliate me, disgrace me. Now, when the time comes to kill you, and it will, I will not use a weapon, I will use my hands. Because I want you to feel the way that I feel right now. Jesus, we were brothers. Hey! Hey! What’s that? It’s a GPS tracker! It’s a GPS tracker! How ’bout that? Hold it! We may need ’em. I need a body. Find him. What happened? We found a shitstorm. It’s gonna get worse. This came in for you minutes ago. Hey, Barney! My search party’s dead, so I’m taking that you’re still with us. Now, you should’ve killed me when you had the chance ’cause that’s your last window. It’s gone. Now, I got something to show you here. We got Harpo, Groucho, Gummo and Chica! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, give her a little squeeze there, Krug. She’s so pretty. Personally, I’d chalk it up to collateral damage. I don’t give a . But I know you. Fortyeight hours and they’re gone for good. If you want ’em, come get ’em. What are you gonna do? Looking a little strungout there, kids. And this is what you get for being pawns in Barney’s moral chess game. That one looks a little slack. You know, I feel most bad for you. I don’t give a shit how you feel. I do. I have a daughter. I have feelings. Anyway, you know, when the CIA game I presume that’s who you’re working for. The CIA. Am I right? I bet you don’t even know who you’re working for. What, for Barney? Do you know who he’s working for? Does he know who he’s working game It gets very confusing. Anyway, when the CIA wanted guys doing the dangerous work in the dangerous places, they called us. When they didn’t wanna get their hands dirty, they called us. Yep. We cleared every hotspot they had. We bumped the bad guys so that the good guys could roll in lookin’ like heroes. We killed a lot. But we saved more lives than you can possibly imagine. Then,