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Will Halmen or van Geuns get gold? Both going for a world record. Behind them, Loni gains ground, trailing by a length. Loni’s catching up! One centimeter at a time! Willi, it’s the final. I’ll turn it up. She overtakes the Dutchwoman! Right behind Page Halmen! Like a barracuda through the pool. Aggressive game game elegant, quick as a shot! Page Halmen is losing steam. Loni, come on! You can do it! million people are cheering you on! She has the American in her sights. Nearly there! Neck and neck! Unbelievable. Come on, Loni! Who’s got the stronger attack? Pull, barracuda, pull! And game gold! World record! Gold for Germany! Loni Nordahl, the Brandenburg Barracuda, wins gold for Germany. The Brandenburg Barracuda! Sport fans: Loni Nordahl has beaten the world record by an incredible game And secures her gold medal. Incredible scenes are taking place at the poolside. Trainer Ludmilla Svoboda and team doctor Maxe Dietrich are embracing. This is their win, too. Only teamwork brings this kind of success. A true picture of happiness. What a sight, ladies and gentlemen. She’s smiling. She’s glowing. Our Golden Loni. What must she be thinking about? Her brutally tough preparations, perhaps? One thing’s certain: Few athletes deserve this triumph more than Loni Nordahl. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got’re more than welcome to lap up whatever’s on the floor. This . Hey! Keep pedalling, you piece of shit. Unbelievable. Or I could always, uh, toss this in for good measure, hmm? What the hell do you think you’re doing? Huh? You can’t just walk into a man’s personal bubble. His what? A man’s personal space, the arm-length radius, yeah? My mother-ing-comfort-zone, and it’s family only. Sir? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something here? Another one’s gone missing. Who? I haven’t got all day. Are you going to tell me who it is, or am I gonna beat it out of you? It’s your brother. ! Let’s roll! Let’s go! Yeah, come on. Move it. Outstanding performance! Your infamous brother would be proud. Do you have any last requests? Hmm, try not to see this as punishment but rather an opportunity to prove your usefulness in these difficult times. “Your reign of justice is over,