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Cool Little Pony Well I wanted to be one too but somebody willed mama a set of law books so. I took up law. You know uh Games You’re just what I expected. You got me there. I didn’t know what to expect. Jimmy told me all about you. Jimmy? Yes he’s always falling off those polo ponies of his. It is sweet of you to take me out for him tonight. Me? Well there must be some mistake. I know a Jimmy back home. But he wouldn’t be falling off any polo ponies. Because all he’s got as an old car with a lotta corny wise cracks written all over it. No I came to see your father. While personally I’d like to be the other fella, I’m not. Dear father isn’t home. My blind date must be so blind he can’t even see the house. Well, I guess that leaves me a damsel in distress I’d like to take you where you wanna go. Oh I wouldn’t want you to do that. It seems a shame to let you sit here alone when you’re so all dressed up. Oh just a little something that Cat Reilly threw together between errands. For a lady under fire, she didn’t do bad. Game My wrap please, George. Game Yes, ma’am. Shall we go? Well I hope you don’t mind my getup. Oh no. I almost had a tux made on purpose once. When Cousin Ally counted on getting married. But although Cal’s draft number didn’t come up the joined the army anyway. A piece of beefsteak would help that eye. Beefsteaks? I never. I am a vegetarian. Looks like you got nothing to lose but a daughter now. Seedy bloke. She ought to have his hair cut. A lady cut Samson’s hair. And if I know my daughter, history will repeat itself. Where are we supposed to go? How about the Union Station? Too big. All right. You name it. I’d like to go to a place called the Club Inferno. You are starting off the hard way. Well that’s the last word. Yeah. Game Good evening. Game Howdy. When they pinch you in this town, they do in a big way. Hadn’t you better pull over to the curb while they’re still polite. That’s my escort. My father has them follow me everywhere I go. It’s loads of fun. Compared to you, a goldfish is a hermit. Looks like the fella who owns this place knows where he’s heading.