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the company, it has actually almost turned it inside out. What happened before with, you know, this, everything happened in secret, behind closed walls, is now reversed. It’s created an excitement in the world that we can, together, shape the future of LEGO products. After months of review LEGO representatives are ready to reveal which of the three finalists will be chosen as Cuusoo set number . Are you guys excited? This is the next Cuusoo model that you’re gonna see. The winner game the Mars Curiosity Rover. No matter how much I fantasized about it, it couldn’t prepare me for the reality of the actual news. I have all sorts of emotions and feelings running through me. It’s hard to try and describe how they all feel when they’re mushed together like that. Innovation from the LEGO community doesn’t necessarily need to have the LEGO company’s involvement. While the LEGO company is more and more open to innovators from the outside, there are others who are customizing on their own. In Seattle, Washington, Will Chapman has built a successful business around a hole in the LEGO product line. This is an M machine gun. This is the MP German machine gun from World War ll. My HCSR. His business manufactures minifigure-scaled guns. Now why would he do that? LEGO will not produce what I produce. LEGO won’t do any weapons that are modern. They’ll do Wild West, which is maybe up to the mid-s. And then we got postmodern, which is Star Wars. Weapons don’t fit into the LEGO “play well” philosophy. I think being a Danish company, the idea of handgun ownership, weapon ownership is not a big part of their culture. So I said, “Let’s try it ourselves.” When I design a weapon, I look online for some inspirational photos. The trouble with the minifigure is they have giant game giant hands, and they’re a squashed-down representation of a human. They’re really tough to try to design for. It’s art. It’s truly, I believe it’s art. The folks that are buying to equip an army are always adults, and they’ll buy a hundred of one gun, they’ll buy of a helmet.