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I met him, you know. I only had him for two and half years and those two and a half years, you know, discovered that, well, he was born and his mom had abandoned him and he needed a mom. So, he came to me, but discovered that we had several past lives together, really traumatic ones that we both needed to heal before he could move forward. Yeah. And it was probably one of the most intense things I’ve ever experienced, too, and game Oh. He died in my arms peacefully, it was really profound getting to I’m sorry. see him take his last breath, it’s okay, you know. He was suffering so much, he had cancer. And now he’s everywhere, you know we attach so much to the physical, you know. I just realized that now he’s everywhere, that he’s always with me. There’s something reassuring about that. Right. I think, as hard as it is to lose them in the physical world to know that they’re still there. A friend of mine offered to let me bury him at his ranch and I had a really beautiful ceremony there and buried him in between two trees and game put him back in the earth, you know? To let him grow. It’s funny, I couldn’t do that, remember Jasmine? Mmhmm. The too? When she died, she died in my arms here, too. Uhhuh. And there’s something about the harshness, I don’t think she was meant for here. Right. I just, I couldn’t deal with it. I couldn’t put her in the ground here, I didn’t want her here and her mate was with us when she died and we’re really still and I wrapped her in this beautiful scarf. Mmhmm. And I put her in a box in the freezer actually. Oh my goodness. Because I was taking her back to New York and I didn’t know how to preserve her. I just, every core of my cellular being would not allow me to leave her here. Right. I didn’t think it was good, I thought the place had a bad spirit, so I put her in this box, I froze her. Which sounds a little harsh, but one day I had her mate on my shoulder, Gucci, and I opened up the freezer to get something out and he saw the box. He had watched me do everything, he was very intently