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Graceful horseif you don’t bleed to death, you’re gonna run out of joints. Now the question. Where’s the girl? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Smiley. I don’t know anything about any girl. I’m gonna ask you one more time. Where is Dominoe? Ok, Sharky, I think we’ve arrived at what the bullfighters call the moment of truth. I’m gonna ask you for the last time. Where is she? I don’t know. Come on, Sharky, yell. Come on. It’s got to hurt. It’s painful. Ha ha ha ha. I mean, it’s not as though it’s like you’re gettin’ a manicure. We’re in the middle of a lake. Go ahead, yell. Want to try for ? Now listen good. Where did you take her? I Game I Game I Game I Game I Game I don’t know. Aah. Now, look, this is embarrassing, it’s pathetic, it’s pitiful, watching a grown man cry. I don’t want the boys to do that. Uh, guys, take a break. Get some air. You’re a crybaby, Sharky. I always knew you were a crybaby. All that around the Department about Sharky the tough guy, the tough cop, the macho man Game I knew you had no guts. Not only that, you got no fingers. Ok, Shark, let’s cut the macho . Nobody’s here. It’s just you and me. It ain’t there. I took your gun into protective custody. What do you think we are, dummies? We looked up your nose. We looked in your ears. Every orifice. Now Game I’m gonna lean in, and you’re gonna whisper in my ear where the girl is at. Then I’m gonna get the Chins in here, and it’s gonna be over just like that. OOK Game OK, Smiley. Good boy, Shark. . God damn it. Kyah. Aah. Ladies and gentlemen, the next governor of the great state of Georgia Donald Hotchkins. Thank you. Thank you. We want Don. Thank you. Thank you. Please. Thank you. We want Don. We want Don. We want Don. The governor has just conceded at A.M., and I hated to keep him up so late, but I’m gonna Game I’m gonna give him long years to rest up. Every single one of you who voted for me holds my IOU, my promissory note. And I Game I am accountable. I am accountable. I am accountable for good government. I am Game I am accountable for the cleaning up of this city.