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Yes, Chief. Also there’s no further need for transmission security. All signals will be in the clear. Right. There’s no time, nor need for coding. Do you read that? I certainly do. I want an around the clock sweep of your quadrant. In full gear? Use every facility you have. Chief, I, I hate to ask but, but what are we looking for? That’s the one thing you haven’t made clear. There’s a theory that it’s a wild planet. Now I’ve heard everything. Set up all your nuclear and deflector apparatus. Any questions? No, sir. Yes, the news. I’m afraid the men have lost touch since we blacked it out. You can go ahead with it. Thank you, sir. Rod, it may be all your show. I’ll do my best sir. Let’s get started Game Oh, Rod? Yes, sir. By the Way I’m sending you a visitor. Janet. Game SAMU has placed its total space transport facility at the disposal of interplanetary Game I’m not sure glad they resumed the newscasts. And so the world breathes somewhat easier today as it experienced a lull in the onslaught of disasters. Yeah, Gamma , go ahead. “Subsided to nearly normal once again. No seismic disturbances of any consequence Game There’s an emergency Lieutenant. Repeat to Echo. Gamma to Echo. Can you hear me? Gamma to Echo. Repeat. Kill that. All right Echo, if you hear me form a relay connection to Delta . Keep trying Gamma to Echo. Gamma to Echo. Repeat. Repeat. Echo come in. There’s distortion in your signal. Rod, are we trapped up here in space? Terry, don’t say things like that. I was, I was thinking. Soon there’ll be no earth to go down to. There’ll be no place to go. How long will we be able to hold out up here? I don’t know. At least we’re together. You’ll never see her again Rod. Janet’s coming up here. UP here? Norton arranged it. I’m engaged to her Terry. I’m aware of that. Not that I want to be. Can’t you keep her from coming here. I’m afraid, it’s too involved for that. Oh. : hours. Communications have been interrupted between Gamma and UD Headquarters.