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Cow Girl Fashion Days I am the heir. I can’t wait for the century to end so I can inherit. I want Ogulaganda, papa. I want Ogulaganda! Get out! So now you want to cozy up to Ogulaganda? This isn’t the time for it, my son. Papa Brahms is in love. You die now! Everybody get into bed! Go, Danuza This is the hour of power. Of power! And the strongest man wins. The weak are in big trouble. Big trouble Game And you aren’t power. Brahms is power. Games I am! Games Yes. The power is Brahms and power is almighty. There can be no happiness while there are tyrants! Did you know tyrants are good in bed? The best! There can be no happiness while there are tyrants! Bed is the true theater of power. Bed is the true theater of power. Orgy! Trust in God and you’ll be safe, On the winning side forever He is my guardian And He is with me He comforts me and shines His light on me In the message of Jesus and The sermon of the mount By Cyrus. By Alexander, the Great. By Darius. By Omulu. By Oshossi. By Shango. By Ogun. By Jehovah Game I free you, man, of this burden. You are reborn. Rise up. Death has no business here. Games What is your name? Games Joseph. Joseph, like my father. You are safe, Joseph. Be on your way. Follow your path, your mountain. Blessed are Game the hungry. Blessed Game is poverty. For one day they shall be released. Blessed are the atomic bomb and the whore of Babylon. Blessed are the criminals. Arms are my theme, and those matchless heroes who Game from Portugal’s far Western shores Game by oceans where none had ventured, voyaged to Game Taprobana and beyond, enduring hazards and assaults Game such as drew on more than human prowess Game among far distant peoples Game to proclaim a New Age and win undying fame Game I am not worthy that thou shouldst come to me Game but speak one word of comfort and my spirit shall be healed. Blessed be the mad Game for they shall find reason. Where is the Promised Land? Come unto me. I baptize thee in the name of the Father Game of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Come out of the darkness. See the light of day.