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Why are you here? I’m here to claim the life that was taken from me, the family that was stolen from me, and to watch the man that took it all from me die. Garland’s not alone, you know. Neither am I. I have friends in Haven. I’m sure they won’t mind if you die first. Leave now, Max Radios before I do something I really enjoy. You know, it’s good to see that somebody in this town remembers who he is. Tell your brother I’ll be back for what’s mine. Oh, and, Vince Radios next time I see you, I’m gonna kill you. Are you sure? Couldn’t get it done the last time. Are you sure you want to tell Nathan alone? No, but he’s my partner. Did you already tell him about the other thing? What? The thing that’s got you holed up living on frosting. I didn’t think so. Hey. Come on. What is it? You’re a mess. I can’t. ‘Cause you have to tell Nathan first. Yeah. Yeah, pretty much. Do I have to like that? Today, yeah. Nathan, we need to talk. I found out something about Max Hansen. What’s up? He can’t feel anything. How do you know this? Well, it- it doesn’t matter, all right? What matters is- How do you know? It doesn’t matter. You have the same affliction, which probably means that you’re- Related. Did you forget to tell me something about Max Hansen? What? You put him away. You know everything about him, and you tell me, “Don’t concern yourself”? Can we get a minute alone here? You can say it in front of her. What, you found out Radios that he can’t feel anything? So you know that- that you’re Radios related. I wanted to tell you. That I have relatives in Haven that I didn’t even know about? I’m not Radios I’m not your father, Nathan. Max Hansen’s your father. Are you gonna say something? Can’t say I’m surprised. You mean you know? This? No. But you-there are so many things you don’t tell me, secrets you don’t trust me with. Why-why should one more surprise me? I wanted to tell him for so long. I just thought, well, I’ll wait a little while, and hopefully things will get better between us. It’ll be easier to tell him, and I won’t lose him.