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Cowgirl Farmer Dresses You got a novel in there, don’t ya? What makes you say that? Maybe it helps that I have a writer in the family. So why’d you stop? Who says I ever started? Really? Okay, I’ve written pages, but I haven’t touched it in nearly two years. Why not? Fear of failure probably. What if no one wants to read it? What if it’s bad? Just write another one. Easy for you to say. I need to move somewhere peaceful so I can write. Definitely old enough to go out on your own. How did you know I live with my parents? I guessed. I’m sorry. I, um, the way you were dressed and uh, your mannerisms. It was game Well, just so you know, I didn’t have much of an income after I graduated so I had no choice. I just decided game Yeah, I game I’m sorry. That was none of my business. You are so lucky. Yeah, it’s not too bad. So, Mr. Adventure, why do you still live with your mother? I don’t live with my mom. I live next to her. Right. Like game right next to her. Next to her, and if you must know, the truth is is that, um, I live next to her because she’s not well. Oh. I’m sorry. Perhaps you’re right. Maybe I miss her cooking just a little bit. Anything else you want to pick on. Well, I mean, since you asked. You should really get some new clothes. You don’t dress very well. Now, you’re gonna go there? All right. At least I don’t look like a dentist assistant, so game A dentist assistant, really? Uhhuh. ‘Cause this is your sweater. And you wear it well. Thanks. William has created his own little world, and Helen is one of the few people in it. He doesn’t really meet new people. How long have they been together? Oh, I’d say about seven years give or take. You see, when he came back from New York, his spirits were really low. He was drinking too much, and he knew Helen from high school. She was the manager of the local bar, which was his favorite hangout. She was really a good influence. She was his friend, kind of brought him back to life. Hmm. So? What about you? I mean, do you have a boyfriend? Are you game ? I’m actually engaged. I lost my ring.