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CowGirl Make Up 3 Suddenly? Oh, no, I had seen it coming on. Did you? Then why didn’t I? I love Flora, and I know what she feels before she feels it herself. She loved this house. She was as happy here As happy as I am. Are you? What? So very happy. Are you, Miles? If you’ll excuse me. Miles, you haven’t Poor Flora. She must have been upset to have forgotten Rupert. Why did you want to be alone with me? I think you know very well. What do I know? Or rather, what is it that you want to know? Well, for one thing, why that night when you were supposed to be in bed game why were you in the garden? I told you. The real reason, Miles. It’s beyond me why you go on asking a fellow questions game when every time he answers you you tell him it isn’t true. Because you are not telling the truth! Don’t shout. Don’t be so angry. It does something to your face. It makes you look ugly and cruel. Miles. Miles, listen to me. I’m not a cruel person. I’m sometimes very foolish and I make mistakes game but I’m not cruel. My father taught me to love people and help them. Help them even if they refuse my help. Even if it hurt them sometimes. And that’s the only reason I’m here is to help you. Whatever you’ve done, I’m not against you. I don’t think it’s your fault. But I haven’t done anything. Then why were you sent home from school? It must be game because I’m different. But you aren’t. You’re like any other boy. Ah, now who isn’t telling the truth? If you really thought that, we wouldn’t be having these conversations. No, my dear, you don’t think I’m like any other boy. That’s why you’re afraid. If I am, it’s for you. And I am afraid for you, Miles. If you don’t tell me now There’s nothing. Isn’t there? Why did you take my letter? You did take it, didn’t you? Yes, I took it. Why? To see what you said about us. Us? Well, about me. And what did you discover? You thanked my uncle for trusting you. You apologized for troubling him game for asking him to come down. Go on, Miles. What else did I say? That’s all I read. I heard footsteps. I threw it on the fire.