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jumping on an army helicopter to the man they call The Marshal’s east coast holiday home. Along for the ride, his personal assistant, VO. I’ll tell you what, I was the only one in the office that, you know, back home that was really wanted, you know, wanted to go. Other people were not sure and, you know, they’ve heard, you know, a lot of things through the media. And I was like, you know, “I’m going!” You know? If Dennis can go, Dennis is like my brother, I’m going. I want to be there. I want to see what it’s all about. Everything is just so, like, just five-star, six-star, seven-star. It was just a great day every day, and we had so much Games there was so much entertainment, so much fun, just so much relaxation, because everything was just so Games so perfect. Last trip he was there, he stood up and did a toast with the whole regime, Kim, and his wife there. And he’s like, “Marshal”, your father and your grandfather did some ed-up . But, you, you’re trying to make a change, “and I love you for that.” And he did a toast, and Dennis and VO said they thought either they were gonna be done right then or they didn’t know what to expect. He said Kim stood up, five-second pause, and he raised the glass and smiled and then started clapping. And he’s like, “after that”, I knew I could get away with anything.” When we really actually talked, talked, talked, I mean, we really, really got really close with each other Games as far as, like, as a friendship, bond-wise. While they were kicking back, The Marshal opened up about Dennis’ previous trip. He didn’t get the Harlem Globetrotters. He didn’t get the fact that that’s what they do for a living. He didn’t like the show. He told me right off the bat. He said, well, he didn’t want that. He hated that. He just laughed. I said, “yeah, I figured you hated that one.” He wanted to see a basketball game. So I think that’s where the idea of us coming together, saying, you know, “let’s put on a basketball game, a real game.” And his interpreter said, you know, “you know his birthday