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Cowgirl Make Up Oh, hey, the best she gives it four stars. Hey, you’re not supposed to be out of bed. Oh, I’m feeling much better, thank you. Let me get a chair. Yes, you have to eat! Thanks. Yeah. You want some meatloaf? Yeah. Some meatloaf. Thanks. Uhhuh. Um, I almost forgot. You, uh game you left these. Oh. Thank you. Thank you. I’m always losing things. I’m hopeless. No, you are not, and I’m gonna tell you why missy. See this? We just read the review. You’re a fantastic writer. William, tell her how good she is. You’re good. Where did you go to school? Uh, Oxford for undergrad and then game Oxford. Columbia Law. Columbia Law? Now, I’m learning how to write. Hey, don’t be so modest. You are a very good writer. Oh, that means so much coming from you. Thank you. Do you write, too? Um, me? No, I, um game why? Uh, your room. All those books. Oh, that’s my fault. See, I used to be an English teacher so I made him read all the books that I love. And it was horrible. It was not! Yeah. I didn’t think a teenage boy would read all the classics, especially the ones written by women. He’s a very unusual man. Elizabeth Bishop is one of my favorite poets. I hope you don’t mind, but I was going through your collection of poetry in your room, and loved the notes in the margins. This is not like the big city, you know. He had a lot of problems as a teenager. I don’t mean problems. It was boring. I know game not for me but, you know, for William. Hmm. Good huh? I’d love to get the recipe. Oh, well I just put it together. It’s his recipe. He is the chef. Oh, you know, my father’s the chef in our house, too. Really? Um, shoot. You know what? I got to game You got to go to work? Yeah. Um, you guys enjoy. Okay? And uh game I love you. I love you. And um, yeah. Good night. Good night. Here. Have some veggies. Then we’ll have some tea. He’s so good looking. He lives in that lighthouse down the road. When the weather is really, really stormy, he listens to the radio in case somebody needs help. Interesting. His father died years ago. In a horrible storm.