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Baby Barbie Sweet Pony We could just go to Ken and tell him that God called us there. How could he argue with that? We made enough money, and the time to get out couldn’t be better. What’s going on in Zambia? Don’t worry about Zambia, Baker. We’re not going to Zambia. We’re not going to Zambia. ‘Cause there’s plenty of money to be had right here. For once, this is the perfect time for you to quit while you’re ahead. I didn’t ask for your opinion. I’m not lying to these people anymore. Good, then leave, get out. You just forfeit your share for somebody else. Okay? Go find some other internship. Why don’t you think about someone other than yourself for a second? Quiet! No one’s leaving. We’re gonna finish what we started. Works for me, Sam. Okay? Tyler? Tyler! Sam, I am not trying to put you guys in a tough spot, but tonight is my last show, man. And if y’all want to keep going, then game Well, then, that’s on you. It’s on me? Hold on. Tyler. Tyler! So I know this is just the worst timing. Oh, no, no. No. I understand. I do. Well, these are the total donations from Dallas, and Sam will be coordinating with our offices for the remaining shows. Well, fantastic. We sure will miss you around here. Thank you for everything, and God bless you. Hey. I’m sorry. What are you doing? I’m sorry. Thanks for that. I really appreciate it. What are you doing? What’s up? Awesome job tonight. That was game That was game Oh, high five. Okay. I’m going for it. Yep. So, Gabriel has to meet with Ken about something, and I think it’s gonna be a while, but game I would still be up for hanging out with you guys if you want. Oh, yeah. Uh, I don’t know if the guys are gonna be able to make it anymore, so game That’s fine. But I’m still happy to show you the city if you want. Uh game I’d be up for it. Yeah. Yeah? Yeah, sure. Are you ready now? The trailer park’s just down the street. Okay. Wait, what? Honestly, I spent more time playing soccer with the kids than I ever did teaching. Yeah? Yeah. Why am I not surprised? Here, I want you to see them. Oh, wow.