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J ‘? Silent? search a place … o? you might need from me… I wanted to help these children. What do you expect? What for n ‘? your not you in music? Music ? ? is not enough. So what ? You do not know how they feel. Every Wednesday after? S afternoon … they wait. They wait, that’s all. I do not know !? The people who work here do not know how they feel? Those people who lav? diapers children seventeen … while no cast a look at them. Who waited years with them, and nobody came … They do not know !.. But you know… You and the m? Re Reuben! Want hatching. Take the hits? their place ! Breastfeed? your breast! Give them your love. It’s not enough. They need them most? A. But I do not have it. This is? A … Run! Get the hell out of here ! Find good excuses! But Hear me well. I could not do anything for Reuben. Nothing at all. I will not be able perhaps? never be anything for him. It will be perhaps? Be never happy here. But I prefer f? Re? Chouer fighting for its dignity? see the rotten by your love for him. Come, Miss Hansen … Follow me. Hello doctor. Here Reuben in years if we are not careful. It was the aim? S. It was the prot? G? S all up? their coming here. It was the flavou? S ? shots feelings. We enferm them? S in cupboards. Some have? T? st? Rilis? s. As st? Rilise the b? Tail. No one more than they need r? ussir something. You will find here what you want. It’s not that you can for these children. But what they can for you. Sit down, kids. Let’s go. Sit down, Reuben. Listen to me. We will mount a pi? This on Thanksgiving. Sit down, Reuben. This is the story of the first settlers who have arrived? s here. There were no cities, nor houses and c? was hard, ? because the Indians. Some of you will play the Indians and others will play the settlers. Crash, will you? Be an Indian? Yes, I am an Indian. I am an Indian. Donald, you’ll be an Indian. You too. And Junius, a settler. Yes, I want to? Be a settler. I am a settler. You will be a … Come colon. We will learn the ? re song, one that opens the pi? this.