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Cute Baby Pony 2 You sent for me to ask where I was on Saturday. I was meeting my father off a boat at Southampton. We stayed the night game and I drove him back to town on Sunday morning. Thank you. Did you ever have a photograph taken with Sapphire? Yes. In a group. Did you ever have one taken alone, dancing at a nightclub? Never alone, Superintendent. Did you ever take her shopping in Shaftesbury Avenue? Babette’s, for instance. Good Lord, no. Why? Well, if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter. What sort of a girl was Sapphire? Oh, neither one thing nor tother when I knew her. I imagine she changed after she got this yen to marry light. If you know what I mean. I do. That ruled you out anyway. The question of marriage between Sapphire and myself could never have arisen. How’s that? My father would never have permitted it. Well, why not? Sapphire came from a good home. Her brother’s a doctor. She was part white. Is that all? Well, for the moment, yes. If we need you, we’ll send for you. Any help I can give. Thank you. Hmm. Did he ask aboutJohnny? No. Good. If my old man knew I’d been around places like Tulip’s game he’d cut off my allowance and yank me back home. Is this policeman likely to get onto it? Shouldn’t think so. Didn’t strike me as being overburdened with brains. Sanctimonious Always so careful to have his hand out first. I know. We’re all the children of God. Forget it. I see you’ve been talking to Slade. I suppose he’s got a castiron alibi. Yes. Yeah. But there’s something he didn’t want me to know. What’s that? I don’t know. He said he met Sapphire at the International Club. Get onto them, find out what time all the kids are likely to be there together. Okay. Yes? What is it, Sergeant? It’s about young Harris, sir. What about him? He’s up on the heath. He’s been there all the afternoon looking for something. He pushed it down the drain, sir. It was quite deliberate, so I thought I’d best find out what it was. Well, it’s a piece of wood. Must have been painted at some time. Look, you can see the red and blue marks. Yeah.