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Cute Baby Pony 2019 Hey, do a trick. You do a trick. What’s your best trick? You’re the skater. Skate towards me at least. Does it matter which way it goes? Not really. I’m scared. Oh, it’s bumpy! What are you guys doing in here? I don’t know, we’re just hanging out. I’m an artist here, I’m doing a residency at, you know, Chinati and I’m just checking out this space, see if I could use it in some way, you know. Be like some large scale paintings, maybe even have a show or something. Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna go to Inez’s. Alright. Bye, Adam. So, do you have permission to be in here? Yes, I have permission to be here. From who? From the Chinati Foundation. Hm. Who I guess you could say is my employer because I’m doing a residency there. So, if you’re an artist, where’s all your paint? At my studio. What are you doing here? What do you mean what are we doing here? What is that supposed to mean? This isn’t the border. Yeah, right. I mean, y’all are Hispanic, right? Yeah, I’m Dominican. What, wait, what does that have to do with anything? How does it feel to work a job where you’re job is to bust your own people essentially. How do you sleep at night? Who the hell are you to ask me a question like that? You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know one thing about me. I guess not. You wouldn’t get it, not from where you’re coming from. Some white privileged girl from the suburbs who’s had everything handed to her. Who works for an art foundation drawing little pictures. No, you wouldn’t get it. To you that’s a job, gimme a second. To you that’s a job. Yeah, that’s my job, Yeah, wow, what responsibility. You got a family? You got any kids? Sick mom? Huh? Dad in jail? Anything like that? No. So you have no idea why I do it. Do you know how many of you artists come through here flipping your nose at us because we have to do a job to feed out children? You choose the job. I do? Look around you, there’s nothing to choose here. What am I gonna do, work at Dairy Queen? Sorry, man, but this is really just a job. Border patrol is pretty much the only thing was gonna hire me.