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travel stories. Oh a little dressing table. That’s nice. And what is this? A record player, with records. But you’re crazy! These records are funny games Where did you get them? A friend gave them to me. Look underneath, there’s more. I chose the titles you told me about. You’re kind. And over there in the chest of drawers games Take a look. They have my initials! Germaine, help Marie settle in, I’m going to take a bath and change. And where is your room? Still at the same place. Just next door. I can’t believe it. Mr. Claude really gave you a great present. And what is this? A travel trunk with your name engraved on it. I think that if we hadn’t stopped him he’d have put your name everywhere. What got into him? Thank you. Do you like your room? I love you. You feel good? I feel like I live in a fairytale. And you? The more I look at you the more I think you’re unique. You’re nice. Germaine, when I won’t be around tomorrow you can help Marie finish settling. Of course Mr. Claude. Will you return for lunch? I don’t know. It depends on what I have to do at the store. Anyways I’ll phone. Germaine, you’ll tell Charles to turn up the heat. We could use a few degrees more. Alright, Mr. Claude. You’re cold? No, but these big houses need heating you know. There’s a lot of draft. You won’t finish your dessert? I’m not hungry any more. The doll wants to go to bed? Come. Good morning Germaine. Good morning darling. Did you sleep well? Yes, very well. I think I was right to give you this big duvet, it’s so comfortable to sleep in it. It feels like a nest. Is Claude still here? No, he’s been gone for at least two hours. Now he’s at the store. Mr. Claude asked that you weared this dress today. And for this evening’s dinner, your little flower dress. It’s a hoop dress. I had one when I was little. Dresses are Mr. Claude’s thing. Look at his dolls: Every two month he pays a worker to iron their clothes. Oh, hello Charles. Do you want something? No. I mean, yes. I have to check the windows. Do you mind if I look at yours? No, you can come in.