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Cute Baby Rudolph Bring him to our hideout. And make him talk. Can I take my hands down? Take’em down. May l pick up the hat? Pick it up. But this one is for me. Run. Listen game You think you can get us dynamite? Just a matter of money. Do we have a plan now? Yes, Alonso did a good job. You remember everything, don’t you? Everything. Now I want to say goodbye to you, Ringo. Maybe we don’t see each other again. You never know. Don’t worry old bison. We’ll meet again. Good luck! Good luck to you! Where is the boy? Where is Daniels? In the saloon. Ringo is coming. We’ll get to you later, bastard! Now, sheriff, this is our last chance to save ourselves. Force Ringo to give us those shares. Let him give up first, he is dangerous. Control yourself. Time’s running out. I’m gonna force him. You can be sure of that. Trust me! Ringo! Ringo, get away! They’re gonna kill you, Ringo! Don’t care about me! Save yourself, Ringo! Savey ourself! Come on! Don’t kill him! Wait until he’s out of ammo. Hurry up, gentlemen! Jane, hurry up! Mama! Willy! Come on, hurry up! Get down. Get down. Ringo! Texan! I was waiting for you. l’m challenging you! Where are the shares? Search them! Do you want to die because of shares and stocks? What’s your stake? My life and the gold! I’m not interested in your gold! What kind of challenge? The one with eight bullets. Are you ready? I’m ready! So that’s the situation, Texan. You gamble with your life like a fool. Think of yourself, Ringo. Give me the shares! Three bullets from mama Carson’s Winchester. They will revenge us. Ringo! I would never have killed you, Ringo. Watch out, Ringo! There’s Daniels! Daniels game Daniels! Ringo! Grandfather game