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Let’s go. Car Engine Revving Bye-bye, Maggie. Good luck, Danny. Stop by and do a bit of training sometime. Will do. Children Chattering Children Chattering What’s wrong ? I don’t take gear from cops. Why ? ‘Cause they won’t let my dad out of prison. Yeah, go on ! Man That’s great, Reggie. What about you, Liam ? Child Chattering Man Come on, lads. Come on. Photograph time. What’s all this ? It’s a gift. A gift from who ? Community relations. All right. Come here. Group together like that. Community relations ? Aye. Reggie Bell. This stuff is from the cops, lke, and we can’t accept it. Listen, these kids have barely got shoes on their feet. Some of them come here in rags. Look at them now. They look great. Now I don’t give a in’ shite who these togs come from. They’re on their backs. All right. They’re not comin’ off. We simply can’t negotiate until the terrorists lay down their arms. The police are Protestant. They’re not welcome in Catholic areas. ln contrast, it seems the whole of Belfast, Catholic and Protestant, is welcome at the recently reopened, nonsectarian Holy Family Boxing Club. Takin’ gear from the cops. The boys from the club… recently received a generous donation of equipment. And Danny Flynn, who fights out of Holy Family, has signed up for a rematch with Eddie Carroll at the city center. Machine Gunfire, Gunshots Men Shouting Shouting Continues Trash Can Lid Banging Banging Continues Helicopter Whirring Whirring Continues Shouting Sirens Wailing Wailing Continues Officer Get them ! Get those sons of es ! Shouting Continues Helicopter Whirring Who fired at Danny Flynn last night, Harry ? I don’t know. My units shoot to kill. You’re in charge of the district. No. I report to you. Did you see this ? He’s fillin’ people’s heads full of shit, Joe. ”Leave the fighting to Danny” means that all the people who are in prison, who died, who didn’t surrender to the Brits that means that their sacrifices aren’t worth a lousy in’ boxin’ match. He’s spreadin’ dissent, Joe. Maybe you’re the one who’s spreadin’ dissent, Harry. Cute Beautiful Pony 3