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You can understand my embarrassment, I’m sure game game but I have it on excellent authority that the governors intended no slight game game whatsoever to you as senior master. It was simply a question of age. I understand perfectly. Katherine? Ale you still there? Just coming up. Dear Mr. Baxter, I’m so very glad for you. It must have been a wonderful surprise. Yes, it was. Where will you be watching the fireworks from, the river? Very likely. I’ll see you there. Excuse me. Come along. Those mean, ungrateful old swine of governors. What I wouldn’t do to them if I had the chance. Quiet, dear. The milk is spilt. Don’t let’s cry. Go and change. I won’t cry. I wouldn’t dream of crying. You could have imagined my feelings. I had no chance to warn you. Sutterwick, I suppose. He turned the screws very hard. There’s been some question of the school being evacuated game game in the event of war. since we’re so close to London. Sutterwick said he was prepared to fight at cabinet level game game for our exemption, provided that game A valuable concession. Headmaster game game will you be seeing the chairman of governors down at the river? Yes. I would like you to tender him my resignation. You’re not serious. Perfectly. I can’t work under Baxter game game and I don’t intend to try. Dear man, you must think this over. I don’t need to. My mind is entirely made up. I won’t back down. Headmaster. Do you think I shouldn’t have resigned? Oh, I didn’t say that. I said you were light to do whatever you thought was light. Must seem rather petty, I suppose. but you see game game I wanted it so much for you. It wasn’t much to offer you for all I took away from your life game game when we married. but at least it was something. What did you take away from me? Oh, success and money, gaiety. A hundred, hundred things game game for which I’ve never been able to give you anything in return. Not even children. Now, don’t be absurd, Chips. That’s far more likely to be my fault than yours. Anyway, who wants children? You do.