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I needed a bed for the night. Oh, the bad boys didn’t take care of ya ? Bad boyos didn’t give you a party, huh ? The big l.R.A. boyos didn’t give him a party. Where’s all your big men now ? Take it easy, lke. Take it easy ? Don’t you tell me to take it easy ! How come you don’t blow yourself up like the rest of the l.R.A. ? You tell ’em Ike Weir’s afraid of nobody. Sit down, lke. Don’t you tell me to sit down ! You tell ’em lke Weir doesn’t need a gun to fight ! Man lke, for God’s sake ! I.R.A. ? your I.R.A. ! Put your gun down, Danny Flynn ! Fight me like a man ! Didn’t I rear ya ? l coached him ! Mutters I trained him when he was a child. Destroyed his life. Best fighter in Ulster. Ah, he’s gone. Fell asleep. Attendant Lights out. Lights out in ten minutes. How’s the headache ? Danny Flynn. Jesus Christ, it is you. Got the price of a cup of tea ? Aye, come on. Helicopter Whirring The semtex is loaded. We’re all set. Whirring Continues Engine ldling You’ve got minutes. Good luck. We met last night, you know. You had a wee go at me. Told me a bit of truth. Well, to tell you the truth now, Danny, I don’t want any breakfast. I just want a few shillin’s for some wine. Can you help me ? No. I look bad, don’t I ? Why didn’t you stick with the gym, lke ? After you were arrested, the Protestant lads didn’t show up. They took it hard. They were very surprised. That was it for me. They use it as a community center now. He’s clear. Man Ah, there you are, love. Chattering Bells Jingling Chattering Continues So what are you gonna do ? Thought I’d try and get a few fights in England. Professional ? Aye. Just a few fights. How old are you ? Thirty-two. Archie Moore fought for the world title at . Cha-cha. Cha-cha. Why, Danny ? -I just want to set the record straight. – Explosion Jesus Christ ! It’s across the river. Ike Another in’ bomb. Car Alarm Sounding Grunting Helicopter Whirring Shouting Whirring Continues Chattering Get the boat, Danny. Siren Wailing Get the boat. Foghorn Blaring Blaring Continues ChatteringCute Bunny Girls 4