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Me? Chintu! Upto mischief again? Tell herthe truth, Krishna, else l shall. Sure, go ahead l’ll tell her since you’ve asked me to Grandma, Krishna was running faster than Toofan today What? Fasterthan Toofan? So? What’s the big deal? And how about that? What? You climbed the mountain faster than the monkeys. Grandma, you know that tall mountain by the temple? Krishna jumped from it into the river. l thought it was all over. But he came back! Krishna, why do you do such things? l’ve forbidden you time and again! Why do you still do such things? What do l do Grandma? You tell me! How do l rid myself of loneliness? Who do l make friends with? Boys my age have gone away to the city, to either study or earn a living And those that are here don’t want be friends with me They say. l’m not like them So l’ve made friends with animals and birds Keep myself busy with nature. But even out here in the open, l sometimes feel stifled l feel like running far away from here. Will you leave me and go away? lt’s because of you that l don’t go! Else, l’d have left long ago Krishna has grown up,