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Cute Cowgirl 2 The police have sealed her room. You must ask them. Patsy. Patsy! You in, Patsy? What is it, Mrs. Thompson? That girl you brought here Did you know she was colored? What girl? Sapphire. Yes. Yes, I did. When did she tell you? Well, she didn’t. A friend told me. This house is my living. If it got round that I took colored students game certain white people wouldn’t allow their children to stay here. Well, I think it’s a damn silly prejudice! I’m not saying it isn’t. But I can’t afford to have my rooms empty. To think that she could be so sly. It’s people like you who made her sly. Well, you’ve jolly well got another room empty now! Patsy! Yes? You took Sapphire home to Guildford, didn’t you? Yes. Did you tell your father and mother she was colored? No. Well, then don’t be so quick to call me prejudiced. Are you sure? Right. Well, Harris’s van could have made it. Not on Saturday night, it couldn’t. What? The van was in the garage having a big end fixed. Harris didn’t pick it up until Monday morning. Well, how the blazes did he get her there? Ask Sergeant Cook to come in, will you? Thank you. Red taffeta under a tweed skirt. Yes. That’s the black under the white, all right. Oh, come off it, Phil. Yes? Oh, come in, Sergeant Cook. Tell me game what do you make of that? I wouldn’t know what to make of it, sir. Oh, come. You’re a woman. Now, where do you suppose a thing like that could be bought? I wouldn’t know, sir. No. Try Babette’s, Shaftesbury Avenue. And how would you know? You just take my word for it. They cater for girls who like flashy, pretty underwear. It certainly isn’t built for durability. No. Well, check on it first thing in the morning, will you? Babette’s, you say? Shaftesbury Avenue. Shaftesbury Avenue. There’s a good girl. And I bet you her boyfriend bought it for her. Going in today, Davy? Course he is. I’m not going in. You’ve got to face it sometime, lad. Better now than later. It’s in the paper this morning. The autopsy They don’t mention David. Won’t stop them guessing. Oh, Davy, whatever made you get mixed up with a colored girl?