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Cute Cowgirl 3 I believe that, through project get well soon, we can make the water crisis history. But do you believe that? If you believe that God still does miracles, I’m gonna ask you to join us in our efforts. Will you give today for a better tomorrow? And as the ushers are coming forward, all I ask, all I ask is that you just game just give in a way that reflects the faith that you claim. Looks like they had over $, in that bag. I can’t believe it. Hey, you saved our ass out there. Congratulations on your first show, you guys. Callie, you had us thinking there was a noalcohol policy. Oh, yeah, this is all nonalcoholic. Do you guys throw a party like this after every show? Yeah, pretty much. We try to plan fun things for the whole tour. This should be on all of your lanyards. I took a closer look at the song, and I realized, this is supposed to be about Jesus, so what are all those other words doing in there? Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on a successful first show! Ow! Hey! Heyhey! Whoo! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the tour. I think we have a few kinks to work out. Gabriel, we have to see if we can get you to quit preaching sermons between every song. Hey, okay. All right. Take it easy. But seriously, you guys were very flexible and considerate, and I couldn’t be more proud. If we keep this up, we really will be the most impactful ministry in the nation. Now, as we wind down the first of many celebrations to come, I’d like to get someone to close us in prayer. And who better than our very own God squad. What game God game Baker, would you mind? All right, guys. Look, I’m sorry! Bake, half of your prayer was ripped from Jerry mcguire. No! No, I was saying thethethe lord’s prayer. Oh, yeah, yeah. Hey, Sam, do we have a tax I.D. Number? Um, yeah, I got it right here. All right, and don’t let me forget to have you sign this. Mmhmm. How much do you want to report? Uh game Hey, guys, I think we did pretty good. Yeah, we’re gonna need a bigger bag. Bake, you brought that extra bag, right?