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You admire her for getting hooked at fourteen, makes her seem even more mature. Goddamn, it’s hot. Suppose your mom’s turned on the air conditioner? You kidding? Remember the parakeets? The parakeets? I didn’t tell you about the parakeets? She got a parakeet, for some insane reason and the little Game er croaked after two days. So, she went to the pet store and raised hell, and they gave her another one. That one died after a day. Then, she went back and they gave her a third parakeet. That one died too. So, the chick from the pet store came out here to see just what in the hell this, serial parakeet killer was doing to bump off these birds. And? The heat. It was too hot. They were dying from the heat. Jesus. These are tropical birds, all right? I mean, They live in the Game ing tropics! Mom?! It’s Barbara..it’s Barb. Barbara! Oh my gosh! You. Come give me some sugar. Bill, look how skinny you are! Will you look at this one? Come here and give your Aunt Mattie Fae some sugar! Hi, Charlie. Hey Bill, you’ve dropped some weight, haven’t you? Look at her boobs! Last time I saw.. How was the flight from Denver? you looked like a little boy! Barbara? Hey, Mom. I’m here! Barb Game Barb..Barb.. It’s okay, Mom.I’m here. Saturday morning. The Indian girl made us biscuits and gravy. We ate some, he walked out the door, this door right there. That was it. He just left Game ? uh, huh. I went to bed Saturday night, got up Sunday mornin’ Game still no Beverly. I didn’t make much of it, thought he’d gone out on a bender. Why would he do that? When, he can drink at home. Unless, you were riding his ass. I never said a word to him.. about his drinking, I didn’t. I never got on him about it. So, Sunday, still no sign of him Game That’s when I got worked up about that, safety deposit box. Because.. We kept an awful lot of cash in that box, some expensive jewelry. I had a.. diamond ring in that box appraised at over seven thousand dollars. Wait, wait, wait, I’m missing something.