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back so late Hurry and go sleep Alright Then whataboutyou? I can’tsleep yet right now I won’tcare anymore then Don’t fall asleep there You’d catch a cold later I won’t Alright, I’ll go sleep soon This apartment is quite big Yes, Madam There are many good points about this apartment We don’teven need to mention the condition of the apartment You can tell by looking at it I’ll tell a good thing about it thatothers don’t know Next month, the one next doorwill be puton market too You must understand what I’m hinting at It means you can buy two apartments Why buy two? Buy two apartments and demolish a wall so it become’s one big apartment I’m not buying a pan How can I afford two? Then if that’s the case, I suggest thatyou sell youroriginal one and buy the two here Yourson, daughter-in-law and grandson will have one apartment You and your husband will have one apartment Isn’t that perfect? Why dontyou go back and ask your husband? See if I’m being logical My husband passed away twenty years ago He can’t make any decisions Madam Song as a woman alone, you’re quite courageous Then I feel even stronger thatyou should buy these two apartments You must know what I’m hinting at, right? In your heart, you’re smiling again Yes, connect them Nobody can leave you Can an apartmentcage a child? Okay, thank you I will go back and discuss itwith my children If you have anything you want to talk to someone about, wetheror not it’s about housing, you can come find me anytime Thank you Anotherday I will bring my children to come see it. Thank you Thank you You’re welcome Madam Song, would you like me to drive you home? Where are you going? It’s okay Let me borrow yourcomputer later Why do you even want to use a computer? If you teach me, I’ll know how I want to learn to go on the internet Why do you want to go there? Online dating? Be serious Who is it? Is it the maintenance fee? You are Games This is our foundation’s contracted photographer Mrs. Song, hello Hello Games This is the photograph you’ll need to use for tomorrow I’ve brought