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the Azmenistan army. Shit. How did you shitheads manage to get captured anyway? Shut up! Step back! It’s not an accident that we’re trapped in here! This is exactly what he knew would happen. Us tearing at each other. It stops now! We can do this. But only if we do this together. If we work as a team, we just may get out of this alive. Now, do you wanna make it work? That simple. You got any weapons? Here’s the plan. We’re gonna break up into small groups and go out through the ground floor. Get ready! Come on. Thorn, you stay with me. You take Galgo. I don’t want to. Don’t stop. One there. One there. There’s too many! They’re on our flank! Bring it to ’em! Bring it! Enough’s enough. Light ’em up. Incoming! Up the shaft, Thorn. You gotta protect that signal jammer. I thought you could fight! Jesus! You okay? You Okay? Totally fine! Totally fine! And full of energy. You know, we are brothers now! Good, keep moving! Yes, sir! Relax. I told you you’d give yourself a stroke. Drummer? You got a tank problem, pal. Do something about it. I’m on it. Trench, on your right! That’s gotta hurt. Drummer’s in the house! Hey. Look! Let’s go! Time to pick up the tempo, boys. Not good. Hold on. This is not happening. You wanna do something? Pull me down! Pull me game Oh, shit. Hi, there. Closer. Closer. Yang, hit something. Excellent. Your name is Luna, right? Luna means “moon.” Hypnotic, mysterious, magical, like yourself. Would you like to hold my gun? Come on, drive this thing! My mom drove a tank back in Sweden. This one’s for Caesar, assholes! Yeah! Damn, that’s cool! I had it all under control. Yeah, that’s what it looked like. Shit! Come on! This is the happiest moment of my life! Jingaling, jingaling. You finished yet? Men. You’re not gonna believe this. Oh, God. I’ve been thinking about you the whole time. During the whole fight. Can we just go? Come on. Hold on! Where did you learn how to fly? Trench, you’re on. Barney! We got reinforcements! Shit! Drummer, there’s another wave coming. The only way out is up. On my way.