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Cute Dragon Must be a rookie driving. His buddies should have told him the girls of Old Town have laws all their own. And they don’t take kindly to cops. Old Town! laughs Oh, you’re a genius, kid! siren wailing explosion thunders tires screech Marv Here we are, pal. All of a sudden, this doesn’t look like the brightest idea you ever had. You have ten seconds to tell us what you’re doing bringing cops to Old Town. We got us a problem. I don’t fight girls. Gail game It’s me. Dwight. groans What have they done to you? Dwight A corkscrew stabs me square in the chest game game and twists. Get Molly! Get everybody. phone ringing It’s about time. Hello? Mrs. Lord. Lieutenant. Mort. You’re so kind to call. I hope I didn’t wake you. No, I wasn’t sleeping. I haven’t slept at all. I’m jumping at every sound, just knowing he’s still out there. I guess I’m not a very strong person. And me in this house, all alone. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, Mrs. Lord. You’re having a very understandable reaction. If there’s anything at all I can do for you game I know it’s a bad thing to think of you the way I do. It’s inconvenient. But who ever loved, loved not at first sight? I’ve thought about you since I saw you. I’m thinking about you now. Are you thinking about me? Yes. I hate myself for saying this, but game I just don’t know if I could bear to be alone tonight. thunder rumbles heart monitor beeping steadily Dwight My heart beats. I take in the rich, burnt smell of coffee. cup clinks softly Gail. She’s reason enough to open my eyes. Can you hear me, Dwight? Cops want you bad, Dwight. Really bad. But don’t worry. We’ll fix you up. And when we do, when you’re all better, I’ll deck you for leaving in the first place. I told you you’d be back. I told you game game you belong here. Jerk! I thought there was another world out there. I thought I could be a part of it. There’s only Sin City. Molly said you’re ready to leave. No, I’m staying. Wrong answer. Miho? Dwight Deadly little Miho. If she recognizes me, she doesn’t let it show. Oh, you picked the wrong neighborhood for your hideout.