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Barbara! Pssst, Barbara. No, no, no, don’t go to the seaside. Stay here, then we’ve got a couple of days to ourselves. What are you doing? Come on. I can’t get out ofit. What did you say? I don’t feel well and don’t fancy spending two days whining. Just come. It’ll be fine. I promise. No, I’m staying here. You’ve been acting very strange. Games You go. You shouldn’t miss the weekend because ofmy neurotic behavior. You have to go, but I’m staying here. Sorry. What are you saying? I don’t get it! Games I don’t know! Sorry! Sorry! I don’t know. Tell you what Game I’ll go on my own. Why are you standing there like that? Games Sorry. : WITH JIM : MORE WITH JIM : AND MORE WITH JIM Oh God. I’m a bad person. Everyone wants to have a good seeing to at some time or other. Mum had a house by the sea the entire time, so we spent lots ofweekends in Vlissingen that winter. But I really missed Louis. So I give him some cryptic poems about trees and butterflies. And Mathias gave Barbara the space she wanted. Morning. Have the rest gone out? Yes. Don’t you want something to eat? Got any plans for today? Go for a walk. Get lost. What about you? I’m going to some galleries, then I’m going to have some pancakes. Fancy coming too? My treat. How are things with your boyfriend? Bastiaan? He wanted us to live together, and I didn’t really want to. Because? Too soon, I think. What about you? You and Barbara? I don’t know. I get the feeling our relationship is coming to an end. It’s like sleeping with Stalin lately. Mathias! What’s that? Actually it’s mine, but you can have it. It’s too small for me. Wow, it’s gorgeous. It’s a birthday present. I probably won’t see you on your birthday. This has to stop, Jim. I’m slowly going mad. I feel awful, I cry all day. I love Mathias. Darling, I love my Uncle Henk too. You’ve got a far too definite idea ofwhat life should be like. Life really isn’t like that. Life is different, people are different. You meet someone, you fall in love,