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got together a few of my friends. I’d be delighted to meet them. I adore Ramsay MacDonald. He’s got such a beautiful face. And if you took off his moustache game game people would stand up in Hyde Park to see him go by. I wouldn’t. Never mind, darling. Hello. Tilly, Arthur Chipping. Hello. How do you do? Eloise, Arthur Chipping. my guest of honour. How do you do? Yes, I know game Oh, hello, you remember me? Algie. You’re, um game ? Chipping. Oh, yes, yes. Well, come and have green tea, eh? Green tea. Come along, old chap. Now, what would you like? My dear, you weren’t coming. Amiably done. Kevin had the divine Captain Carville, oh game Look what you’ve done, you silly gill. You’ve spilt my white lady all over your dress. Allow me, dear. Well, you must game Oh, you’re a friend of Maynard Keynes. and you write for that paper, Monsieur? Actually, no, I game Oh, I swore it. Mind you, didn’t think I’d be back so soon. Johnnie, how sweet of you to come. Absolute hell. all the gate-washers in the world. My dear, isn’t it a shame I’d never heard of you? You just hold my hand and I’ll game But I daren’t in public. Go rescue your friend. He’s stuck with Tilly. What friend? There. I’m so sorry. It’s not Chips? Yes, poor darling. What? One moment. Bye-bye, darling. Thank you so much. I mean that with all men game Chips. Johnnie. Let’s go over there, Longbridge. Let’s sit down somewhere. Move along. Move along. Now, dear, who in the devil would want to see a museum? Oh, frankly, I never have sleep. but you have to take your game What’s the matter with you? Oh, bless you. But why are you guest of honour? Along story, Johnnie, but look, in Naples, I did my best for you game game because she’s nice, and I’m doing my best for you game Oh, gosh. You’re raving, aren’t you? Well, of course. An hour of this, and who wouldn’t? But there’s Medea after this. You love this minuscule creature. and I don’t altogether blame you game game so I’m doing my very best for you. Oh, I do apologize for this nightmare of a party.