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You know, once your baby brother gets here, you women won’t be able to boss me around so much. I won’t be so outnumbered. And I won’t be so pregnant. How do you feel? Not skinny. Another two, three weeks, you’ll be back to normal. Next time you have a baby, you let me know how normal you feel afterward. Can’t you girls get in there and give your mother a hand? Maureen! These eggs are getting cold. DANI: Daddy going to his church again? ABBY: Does he ever Miss a Sunday? Why does he call it church when it’s not? ABBY: Because when he asked my daddy if he could marry me, my daddy said only if he agreed to find the Lord. And he says it’s a lot easier finding the Lord out fishing than in any church he’s ever been in. I think he’s right. Don’t think you’re going to find the Lord with him. I want you upstairs. Brush your teeth, wash your face. You’re going to Sunday school. (BELL RINGING) Morning, Maureen. Well, I declare, you’re just filling out all over, aren’t you? Morning, Abby. How’s the Trant family? Oh, just fine. Oh, and, Danielle, you’re just shooting up like a weed, aren’t you? Just like a weed, that’s me. One of these days, that woman’s going to cut herself on her own tongue and bleed to death. Hello, Mrs. Trant. Let me get that for you. Hi, Maureen. Hey there, little bit, didn’t recognize you with a dress on. You look great, Maureen. Be by to pick you up about 😕 That’s right. See you later, Mrs. Trant. That Billy Sanders thinks he’s such a hotshot. I don’t see why you go with him. I don’t go with him, I go out with him. Big difference. Dani! Dani, you come back here! She’s doing it again. Whenever it’s time to make lunch or do the dishes, she disappears. Well, the way she does dishes, I just as soon she be gone. (BIRD SCREECHING) Do any good? Oh, a little. A little means you did fine. Let me see what you got. MATT: Where’s Dani? Off roaming around somewhere. She’s supposed to be here helping out. She’s getting too big to be running around wild as a jack rabbit. Used to be she was too little. Now she’s too big. I guess she passed up “just right” when nobody was looking. Get out of here! Who the hell do you think you are? You get out of here! This is private property. Yeah, you’re damn right it is, and you’re trespassing. This is the Foster place. So if your name isn’t Foster, you’re trespassing. It just so happens that it is. Prove it! Prove your name’s Foster! I don’t have to prove nothing. Nobody’s lived on the Foster place as long as I can remember. Well, they do now! So you just get your little butt out of here! I’m not going. If you’re not out of here by the time I count three, I’ll drag your ass out! You’re lying. One Games Two Games Okay! Okay, I’m going! Turn around and close your eyes. Do it, damn you! What are you ducking behind the bushes for? You ain’t got nothing to hide. MATT: Danielle! I thought I made it clear it’s time you start taking some responsibility around here. Yes, sir. I hope I don’t have to bring it up again. Yes, sir. Your mama saved you some lunch. Probably cold by now. All right.