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Cute Farmer 3 Get it? Mr. Nunu, why are you arguing with a woman like her? Just take her things and throw them out. Just get rid of her. Come on, ma’am, leave immediately. Go, pick it up. Get out and tell your mother to find another vendor. Do you get it? This is what they learn from the media. Extortion! Else, one gets falsely framed. Thank God that you all showed up. I got saved. Hail the Goddess. Hail the Goddess! Please come in, sir. Yes, ma’am! What were you looking for? It’s easy to know what her intentions are looking at the way she’s dressed. Mr. Nunu, why are you arguing with a woman like her? Why the heck are you trying to ruin my reputation? Get out and tell your mother to find another vendor. Did you get it? I’m coming. Hang on, I’m coming. What happened? Was the shop closed? Did you get into an argument? Every time you go somewhere, you get into an argument. When was the last time, you didn’t get into an argument with someone? Devi, I’m talking to you. Even when you go to collect your father’s pension, you get into an argument with the clerk. Even at the bank. Your father gave his life for the country and you’re bent on ruining his legacy. Turning on the tap won’t drown out my voice. Devi, don’t worry about how this house is functioning, okay! You think that everyone else is evil and you’re the perfect one. She’s always mad at everybody. Nunu is a decent man. At least, he pays us on time. If you did get into an argument with him, just apologize. I’m not going to apologize. Devi, I’m not going to listen to anything that you’ve to say. You’re going to come with me and you’re going to apologize. There is no way that I’m going to apologize to him. Do you have any idea how I’m managing the household? You’re always angry with something or the other. Devi game What’s wrong, ma’am? Temperature! This much, this much. This much game I’ll check it out. You slapped him? Did I do anything wrong by slapping him? Don’t patronize me and stop preaching! It’s not a joke. It’s getting fugly out there for women. Men are just animals.